Arbres et Abeilles

Plant Nursery

White nodding flowers 2" long in April. Very hardy. No pruning required. Ht. 2-3m Alpine Albiflora Out of stock Large pale mauve-pink flowers with a deeper pink stripe and beige or light brown anthers. The spring flowers may occasionally be semi-double.  Ht. 3m Group 2 Bees Jubilee - Nodding cream flowers, spotted inside with deep pink or red 'freckles', flowering throughout the winter. Evergreen foliage. Ht. 4m. No pruning required Cirrhosa Freckles Out of stock A long flowering variety producing violet purple flowers from July until September. The flowers fade a little with maturity with red anthers held on white filaments. Some sun needed. Ht. 3m. Group 2 or 3 Gipsy Queen - Large or very large, creamy white flowers with contrasting brown or purple anthers. Flowers from midsummer. Ht 3m Group 2 Henrii - Deep purple flowers with a hint of red, later turning bluer. Yellow anthers. Performs best in full sun. Unusually late flowering period from Aug. Ht. 3m. Group 3 Lady Betty Balfour - Large, pale mauve flowers with creamy white anthers. Flowers during May/June and then repeats in September. This variety does best in sun, though it can tolerate any aspect. Ht. 3.5m. Group 2 Lasurstern - Blue nodding double flowers in April/May followed by fluffy seed heads. Fully hardy. Ht. 2.5m, suitable for clambering over low shrubs or rock gardens. No pruning required macropetala Bluebird Out of stock 2" diameter white flowers. Vigorous and free flowering May and June. No pruning required. Ht 6-9m Montana alba Out of stock Pale pink flowers, carrying a beautiful perfume, particularly evident in the evening. The flowers come in May/June. Suitable for training over sturdy fences. Ht. 5m. No pruning required Montana Elizabeth Out of stock Deep lilac pink large flowers. Green bronze foliage. A vigorous grower. Montana Tetrarose - Double bright mid-blue flowers. No hard pruning necessary, just tidying up foliage. A fairly vigorous grower. Multi Blue - Early large-flowered variety with dark, ruby red flowers. Flowers from midsummer well into autumn. Suitable for containers. A sunny position needed. Ht. 2.2m. Group 2 Niobe - Delicate, medium-sized sky blue flowers with a hint of rose pink at the centre of the petals and a creamy yellow heart. Flowers from midsummer. A late season, large flowered cultivar. Ht 3m. Group 3 Perle d?Azur -