Arbres et Abeilles

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A reasonably hardy climber that prefers a sheltered position. Deciduous plant that needs male and female climbers to produce fruit. Ht 7m Actinidia, kiwi hayward female Kiwi fruit - Self fertile variety of kiwi fruit. Actinidia, kiwi jenny kiwi fruit, self fertile - Hardy twining vine which enjoys full sun. Large orange flowers appear in summer on established plants. Ht 5m Campsis Orange trumpet vine - Evergreen, hardy self-clinging climber which will tolerate sites on a North facing wall or in shade. Once established will cover surfaces quickly. Hedera Ivy - Twining deciduous perennial climber with golden leaves and green scented flowers followed by golden cones Aug-Nov. Ht 3m Humulus Golden Tassels Dwarf Hop - Evergreen climber, good for North facing walls. Large white flowerheads Hydrangea seemanii Out of stock A semi-evergreen climber but in cold areas it is deciduous. Needs to be situated on a sheltered wall and with winter protection when less than -10C. The pink-red fragranced flowers bloom in early summer. Ht up to 5m Jasminum Beesianum - Vigorous, twining, deciduous climber with yellow leaves. Throughout the summer produces clusters of fragrant white flowers. Ht 6m. Sun or partial shade. Jasminum officianale Fiona sunrise Out of stock Large fragrant creamy-white flowers streaked dark-red purple giving it a two-tone appearance, followed by bright red fruits. A deciduous honeysuckle flowering later than most varieties in late summer and autumn. Prefers light shade. Ht 7m Lonicera periclymenum Serotina Honeysuckle - A vigorous, semi-evergreen, scrambling climber with oval, mid green leaves.  Purple flowers are borne in clusters in early summer to early autumn. Prefers moderate shelter in winter; hardy to -10C.Ht.up to 6m. Solanum crispum glasnevin - Vigorous deciduous climber 5m+. Double, dark purple flowers in May/June. Any soil, sunny position. Wisteria sinensis Black Dragon Out of stock Wisteria pink Out of stock