Arbres et Abeilles

Plant Nursery

Soft salmon pink flowers Apricot Queen - Deep red/purple, dark green foliage Barbe Bleu - Crimson flowers Bernado - White flowers with lilac striping Blanche Roche - White with red edging and streaks of crimson Crocketta - Pink flowers and variagated green/cream leaves Duke of Edinburgh - Cerise flowers tinted with red Feu d’Amore - Small, bright, candy-pink rosebuds developing into single pink flowers Gallilee - Small single white flowers Icing Sugar Large purple flowers Joseph Warren - Delicate semi-double flowers La France - Variagated leaves, smudged with pink when dry with pale lilac-white flowers L’elegante - Large dark green leaves. Flowers are a soft lilac lifting the colour of the plant Lilac Gem Single dark red flowers with a white insert on petals Mahogany -