Arbres et Abeilles

Plant Nursery

Small bush with semi double flowers, rose red, white with red veining. Alice Hoffman - Medium sized bush with single, pale pink flowers. Beacon Rosa - Medium sized bush with dark pink and mauve single flowers Beacon - Medium sized bush with single, red and purple flowers Brutus - Bush, single white outer and purple-red flowers Chillerton beauty - Bush, single dark pink inner with light pink surround Garden News - Small bush with semi double, cerise and pinkflowers, red veins Liebreitz - Weeping branches covered in very small upward pointing pink-red flowers Lottie pink - Bush with single, scarlet flowers Mrs Popple - Frost tender plant with double, red and pale pink flowers Nicola Jane - Small bush with upward pointing pink and violet flowers Pink Fantasia - Frost tender bush with purple-blue flowers with white outer petals Sarah's Blue - Bush with single, pale pink and purple/blue flowers The Tarns - Variagated foliage on a bush. Single, red flowers, green, pink & cream foliage Tom West -