Arbres et Abeilles

Plant Nursery

Hardy perennial with light green-grey leaves, clump-forming and flowers emering on slender stems. Ht 50cm Centaurea Cornflower - Delphinium - Frost hardy perennial with blue flowers in summer, followed by bright berries. Full sun. Clump forming slowly. Needs winter protection. Ht 80cm Dianella caerula Flax Lily - Hardy perennial which flowers in its second year and self seeds freely. Various colours. Full sun. Ht 1.2m Digitalis Foxgloves - Perennial foxglove with long candles of chocolate coloured flowers in early summer. Very hardy. Plant in half shade for best results. Ht 60cm Digitalis parvifolia Chocolate foxglove - Hardy perennial. Decorative, intense, steel-blue flower heads. Foliage: Grey-green. Flowers July - September. Height with Flower: 120cm Echinops Blue Glow - A hardy, evergreen perennial which will form clumps.  Tolerates dry soils and full sun.  Blue-mauve flowers appear in late spring/summer. Ht. 80cm Eryngium planum Sea holly - Tall, clump-forming, perennial with purple tinted stems and flat heads of pinkish-purple fluffy flowers from late summer to early autumn. Attractive to bees. Ht 1.5m Eupatorium purpureum - Euphorbia coraloides - Hardy perennial with large daisy-like flowers with red petals and yellow tips, orange-brown centre. Full sun. Flowers: Jun-Sep. Attracts butterflies. Ht: 30cm Gaillardia ?dazzler? Jam tart flower - Hardy perennial, with small pink flowers produced throughout the summer on delicate stems. Full sun, drought tolerant once established. Ht. 40 cm Gaura pink Hardy perennial with light pink star-like flowers covering the plant in early summer. Full sun, clump forming. Ht 40cm Geranium endresii Hardy geranium - Geranium himayalense Hardy geranium - Hardy perennial geranium with either pink, white, blue flowers throughout summer. Full sun, drought tolerant.  Ht 30cm Geranium himayalense Painter's palette Hardy geranium -