Arbres et Abeilles

Plant Nursery

Hardy deciduous shrub with leaves that smell of mint when crushed. White/purple flowers in early autumn. Attractive to bees and butterflies. Ht 1m Elsholtzia stauntonii Mint bush - A frost-hardy semi-evergreen small shrub which is best grown against a west or south facing wall to give some winter protection. The light red flowers are attractive to bees and bloom in early summer. Ht 1m Escallonia Pride of Donard - Hardy varieties, some with small leaves, can be used for hedging or specimen plants. Evergreen, variegated leaves. Ht up tp 1m Euonymus - Fast growing shrub for mixed hedges. Small red flowers with orange centres and rich Autumn leaf colour. Especially good on chalky soils. Euonymus europaeus Spindleberry - A fast-growing large deciduous shrub with deep purple leaves turning rich copper in autumn. Can be used as a specimen plant or hedging. Leaves are retained in winter. Ht 8m Fagus sylvatica atropurpurea Beech purple - A deciduous fast growing hardy shrub. Large brightly variegated gold and green leaves make this forsythia attractive all season long, not just in spring when the golden flowers appear. Ht 2m Forsythia Golden times - A large shrub - easy to maintain, very hardy and tolerant of poor soils. Covered in golden yellow flowers in early spring (March - April). Ht up to 3m but can be hard pruned Forsythia intermedia - Usually evergreen. Spidery crimson flowers Mar.- July. Neutral/acid soil Grevillea Canberra Gem - Hydrangea various - A small/medium deciduous shrub with arching branches and single bright yellow flowers which are attractive to bees.  Drought tolerant and hardy.  Ht 1.5m Hypericum pseudohenrii Rose of Sharron - Hardy deciduous shrub with bright yellow flowers from March to May. For dry, sunny or part shaded sites.  Ht 2.5m Kerria japonica Flora Pleno - Hardy shrub with drooping branches. Pink/white flowers are borne in late spring. Ht 2m Kolkwitzia amabilis Beauty bush - Laburnum - Vigorous, partially evergreen shrub, producing strongly scented white flowers from Dec ? March and red berries in May. Sun or partial shade. Ht 2m Lonicera fragrantissima Winter honeysuckle -