Arbres et Abeilles

Plant Nursery

Vigorous, partially evergreen shrub, producing strongly scented white flowers in late winter. Sun or partial shade. Ht 2m Lonicera x purpusii Winter Beauty Winter honeysuckle - Large semi-evergreen shrub with holly-like leaves and large yellow flowers in winter. Hardy. Ht 2m Mahonia bealei - Hardy evergreen. Leaves pink when young, red in Autumn. Full sun. Not a true bamboo Ht 1.5m Nandina domestica Sacred bamboo - Hardy shrub which is thicket forming with arching shoots. Pink flowers May-June. Good autumn colour. Ht 2m. Neillia thibetica - Hardy deciduous shrub. Full sun. Strongly scented white flowers with purple base in May/June. Ht 1.5m Philedelphus Belle Etoile Mock orange - Hardy deciduous small shrub. Full sun and any soil. Double white scented flowers June-July. Ht 80cm Philedelphus Manteau d'Hermine Mock Orange - Very frost hardy, a vigorous upright deciduous shrub. From late spring to early summer it will bear large fragrant, white semi- double flowers set among the dark green oval leaves. Ht. 3m Philedelphus virginal Mock orange - A hardy vigorous shrub often used for hedging. New shoots have a reddish tinge. Ht 3m+ Prunus lusitanica Portuguese laurel - Full sun in well-drained soil. Fully hardy. A deciduous, spring-flowering, ornamental shrub with clusters of dark red, tubular flowers in April. A compact, upright habit makes it ideal for growing as an informal, flowering hedge. Ht 2m Ribes sang. Pulborough Scarlet Flowering currant - Deciduous, hardy large shrub with delicately cut dark leaves. Quite fast growing with typical elder flowers in late Spring followed by berries in autumn. Ht 4m Sambucus nigra Black Lace Black elder - Large shrub with white flowers in spring followed by scarlet berries in late summer. Ht 3m Sambucus racemosa Red berry elder - Sambucus sakhalensis - A hardy deciduous, upright, arching shrub with orange-red leaves when young, then maturing to bright yellow, then to pale green.  In mid to late summer, there are deep pink flowers. Ht.1m Spirea burnalda Goldflame - Upright deciduous shrub with white clusters of berries in autumn/winter. Will grow in light shade. Ht 2m Symphoricarpos albus ?white hedge? Snowberry -