Arbres et Abeilles

Plant Nursery

A large yellow-brown skinned fig tree with a touch of violet on the sunny side of the fruit. The flesh is amber to red. One of the most dramatic features of this variety is the foliage with its very large, non lobed leaves. Fig Adam - A large pear-shaped fruit with a greenish yellow skin, tinged brown in the sun. The flesh is yellow and red in the centre. A very hardy type with elegant, deeply lobed, hand shaped leaves. Fig Brunswick Ornamental-leaved variety with delicately cut edges to the leaves. A fine foliage plant. Figs are produced also but the main feature is the foliage Fig Ice Crystal Crops mid July-August. Acid soil required.  Grows to 2m Blueberry Bluejay - Bushy plants will crop in August.  Acid soil required.  Grows to 2 metres and will give 4-5 kg from a plant when mature Blueberry Herbert - Small shrubby hardy evergreen which produces juicy, tart red berries rich in vitamins in late summer. Requires an acidic soil but good for pots. Sunny position. Height: 50cm Vaccinium vitis-idaea Lingonberry - An easy to grow soft fruit that enjoys full sun. The berries are high in anti-oxidants. Allow two years to come into full cropping. Blackcurrant - A creeping shrub whose leaves are semi-evergreen with small flowers in summer and berries that are initially white but turn a bright red when they ripen in early autumn. Acid soil required Vacciniumÿmacrocarpon Cranberry - Red sweet tasting berry. Resistant to mildew. Gooseberry Hinamaki red - Sweet yellow berries good as a dessert fruit. Resistant to mildew. Gooseberry Hinamaki yellow - Large green berries good as a dessert fruit. Resistant to mildew. Gooseberry Invicta - An unusual hybrid European/American gooseberry. Large, pinky-red fruit have a delicate sweet flavour and the plant is mildew-resistant with few thorns. Gooseberry Captivator - A hybrid berry between a blackcurrant and a gooseberry. Good for jam. Can be used as a cropping hedge. Ht. 60cm Jostaberry - Large fruit on a thornless cane. Vigorous once established. Blackberry, thornless -