Arbres et Abeilles

Plant Nursery

Fast growing deciduous plant with young foliage tinged red, turning to green, then yellow in autumn. Small greenish-yellow flowers in spring followed by winged seeds in autumn. Tree ht. 6m Acer campestre Field Maple - A multi-trunked deciduous tree with green and white bark and arching branches with mid green leaves that turn orange yellow in autumn, bearing pale yellow flowers in spring and pink brown fruit in autumn. Height in 20 years: 15m Acer davidii Snakebark maple - Hardy, deciduous tree with beautiful pink, yellow and cream foliage when young. As the season progresses the colours change to pale green. Best in a sheltered site out of cold wind. Ht 15m Acer negundo Flamingo - Ht. up to 12m. A deciduous tree which will need shade and shelter during cold periods or the leaves may shrivel. acer palmatum Japanese maple - Vigorous, large, very hardy deciduous tree. Yellow flowers in April before the leaves, followed by winged seeds in autumn. Good autumn colouring. Ht 9m acer platinoides Norway maple - Ht. up to 12m. A deciduous tree. They are fully frost hardy and will require sun or semi-shade in fertile well drained soil. Aesculus Horse chestnut - Ht. up to 25m. This is a deciduous tree that develops rapidly into a round headed tree, which is grown for its foliage and attractive winged fruit. Ailanthus altissima Tree of Heaven - Ht: up to 6m. Reasonably hardy deciduous tree. This variety has pink flowerheads. Requires full sun and well drained soil. Albizzia juliabrissin rosea Persian Silk tree - Ht. up to 8m. The leaves are deep green and broad; they are covered with silky hairs when young. The flowers are in white clusters and appear in spring. Amalanchier Lamarkii Snowy Mespilus, June Berry - Ht. up to 20m. Peeling silver-white papery bark. Betula papyrifera Paperbark Birch - Ht. up to 20m. Graceful tree with silver striated bark. Leaves pale yellow in autumn Betula pendula Silver Birch - Ht.10m. Tall, deciduous tree with mahogany-red peeling bark, complimenting the creamy coloured trunk. This gives fantastic winter interest. Pale green leaves in spring / summer, before turning shades of golden-yellow in autumn. Betula albosin. Septentrionalis - Hardy tree. A tall, deciduous, slender, graceful tree with drooping branches of prettily cut green leaves that turn yellow in autumn. The glistening white bark provides year-round interest. Ht 7m Betula pendula Dalecarlica Swedish birch - Hardy, deciduous tree with weeping branches;  diamond-shaped, bright green leaves which turn yellow in autumn. In early spring the tree is covered in attractive yellowy-brown catkins. This low domed shaped tree has a peeling white trunk which gives intere Betula pendula Youngii Young's birch -