Arbres et Abeilles

Plant Nursery

Ht.6m. Tall deciduous tree with dazzling white stems that look great all year round. Fresh green summer foliage turns to rich gold colours in the Autumn. Most effective when planted as a close group of 3. Betula utilis v. Jacquemontii - Ht. up to 15m. A deciduous, spreading upright rounded tree, with large heart-shaped leaves. The flowers are white and spotted yellow-brown, trumpet-shaped and fragrant; blooming in late spring to early summer. They are followed by long, thin 13-18inch thi Catalpa bignoniodes Indian Bean tree - Large deciduous hardy tree with large soft-yellow leaves. Can be hard pruned each March for bold foliage or left to develop into a spreading, upright tree. Site out of cold wind. Ht up to 8m Catalpa bignonioides Aurea Golden Catalpa - Ht. up to 20m. A compact-pyramidal deciduous tree with a spreading nature.  Attractive fragrant foliage; the colours constantly changing.  It will also provide good shade. The flowers are pinkish white, appearing in the early spring. Cercidelphyllum japonicum Katsura tree - Ht. up to 5m. A bushy spreading deciduous shrub or tree.  Produces clusters of pink purple flowers in the early spring and these are followed by reddish leaves that will turn glossy green in the summer and yellow in the autumn. Cercis chinensis Chinese Judas tree - Ht: up to 8m. Fully hardy tree.  Blue/green alternate, heart-shaped leaves. Dense clusters of pink flowers are borne early in spring directly on the trunk. Cercis silaquestrum Judas tree - Slow growing deciduous spreading tree with dark green foliage that turns yellow or orange in the autumn and smooth light gray bark. Clusters of fragrant white flowers in late spring, often in alternate years. Ht 10m Cladrastis Lutea Yellowood - A bushy suckering deciduous shrub with heart shaped leaves which smell unpleasant when crushed. Small white/pink flowers in late summer, which are pleasantly scented. Can be hard pruned in Spring. Ht 2m Clerodendron - MM106 rootstock. Crabapple. Large pink flowers in April, small red crabapples. An excellent pollinator for apple trees. Malus evereste Crabapple evereste - MM106 rootstock. Crabapple. White blossom with large orange and red fruit, making good jelly. An excellent pollinator for apple trees Malus john downie Crabapple john downie - MM106 rootstock. Crabapple, scented white flowers with red crabapples. Good pollinator for apple trees Malus red sentinel Crabapple red sentinel - Vigorous native deciduous tree with dense clusters of pale pink flowers early May followed by green crab apples in autumn suitable for jam, jelly and wine. Any well drained fertile soil. Crab apples are good pollinators for fruiting apples. Ht 6m Malus sylvestris Native crabapple - Shrub with superb foliage, deep purple leaves turning rich copper in autumn.  Retains copper foliage throughout the winter. Fagus sylvatica Purpurea Purple beech - Ht up to 35m. Fast growing tree, Good for coppicing. Fraxinus excelsior Ash -