Arbres et Abeilles

Plant Nursery

Ht. up to 30m. A deciduous hardy tree, tolerant of many conditions, including air pollution, drought, acidic or alkaline soils and high winds. Leaves turn yellow in early autumn. gleditsia triacanthos Honey locust tree - Deciduous tree with serrated leaflets which unfurl in spring with a pinkish tinge. In July and August, yellow and orange flowers are followed by paper thin, lantern like seed pods. In the autumn the foliage turns orange/yellow. Ht 10m Koelreuteria paniculata Golden Rain tree - Ht. up to 30m. A deciduous, fully hardy tree. The branches are widely spaced with a weeping habit. The leaves are soft, bright green and needle-like; they turn yellow in the autumn before dropping Larix decidua Deciduous larch - Ht. up to 30m. A vigorous deciduous tree with whorled leaves and pink yellow cones. Larix eurolepis Larch - Ht. up to 25m. This species is tall and pyramidal. A deciduous tree that prefers well drained acidic soil, it is fully hardy. Liquidambar styraciflua Sweet gum - Medium deciduous tree with maple-like, glossy dark maroon/purple autumn foliage. Ht 15m in 20+ years Liquidambar styraciflua Lane Roberts - Medium deciduous tree with deeply lobed leaves and red/orange autumn colour. Ht 4m+ Liquidamber Worplesdon - Small deciduous multi-stemmed tree with white flowers in summer. Full sun and tolerates dryness. Ht 5m+ Maackia amurense - A small open deciduous tree. Leaves purplish becoming bronze-green in late summer. Flowers are deep wine-red, single or semi-double. They are followed by reddish purple fruits. Ht 4m Malus x purpurea ?Aldenhamensis? - Deciduous crabapple with purple leaves when they emerge. Flowers are produced in great profusion and are deep purplish red, and slightly fragrant. They are followed by deep red fruits. Ht 10m Malus x moerlandsii ?Profusion? - Ht. up to 15m. This deciduous tree will produce large-leaves and a spreading shape. It provides a dense shade that will grow in difficult, dry climates. Morus alba White mulberry - Ht. up to 15m. This is a spectacular tree with tropical leaves and violet coloured, fragrant flowers which form in the autumn and open the following spring. Can be pruned hard to form a large shrub. Paulownia tomentosa - Ht. up to 15m. The bark is cork-like and has an unusual texture that is grey-black in colour. The huge branches grow in an open pattern allowing electric lines to go through the branching system with minimal pruning. Phelledendron amurense Amur oak - A beautiful weeping cherry bearing masses of double, almost pom-pom like, bright pink flowers in large clusters, before and with the young leaves. It only reaches 3m (10ft) with a similar spread. Prunus ?Kiku-shidare-zakura? -