Arbres et Abeilles

Plant Nursery

Ht. up to 25m. This tree has a wide-spreading habit. It is a long lived tree and when in bloom, the tree is covered with clusters of beautiful pea-shaped creamy-white flowers. Sophora Japonica Japanese pagoda tree Deciduous tree. In early spring its creamy-white leaves appear on purple shoots. In summer, these turn grey-green. Clusters of white flowers appear early summer followed by orange-red fruits in autumn. Ht 6m Sorbus aria Lutescens whitebeam - Hardy deciduous tree tolerant of most situations. White flower heads in June, large bunches of orange-red berries in autumn, which are irresistible to birds. The berries can be made into rowan jelly. Leaves are green in summer turning orange in autumn. Ht Sorbus aucuparia Mountain Ash, Rowan - Hardy deciduous tree with white flowers and yellow berries that are left on tree for most of the winter. Its leaves provide a stunning autumn show, turning through yellow, red and purple before finally dropping. Ht 10m Sorbus ?Joseph Rock? Rowan Very hardy shrub. Red wood and panicles of pink flowers from July to September. Tamerix gallica indica Graceful shrub or small tree, growing up to 4m. Arching red-brown shoots and masses of pink flowers in late summer. Tameriix ramosissima Large shrub or small tree up to 3m. Deciduous, the pink flowers appear on branches before the weeping, very narrow leaves Tamarix tetandra Tamarisk - Ht. up to 30m. This tree has a compact form, with beautiful, yellow fragrant flowers growing in clusters in late spring and early summer. Used in lawns as a shade tree. Tilia cordata Small-leaved lime - This is a deciduous tree that will grow about 10m tall. The small greenish flowers are borne in mid spring. Zizyphus jujube Chinese date tree -