Arbres et Abeilles

Plant Nursery

Large plant with tight flower buds. Flowers are white with rose pink markings Appleblossom Rosebud Dwarf stellar with salmon pink flowers Bird  Dancer - red, gold, green leaves, red flowers C & J Special Upright pelargonium whose leaves are edged with silver. Single bright scarlet flowers Caroline Schmidt Upright pelargonium with single bright scarlet flowers Cherry red Upright plant with tri-coloured leaves and single red flowers Contrast - Small pale pink flowers appear on a small, compact plant Dainty Maid Deep pink with pale splashes on petals Don Chiverton - Pale pink with darker pink markings and a 'frilly' edge to the flower Flowerbasket Silver and green leaves on an upright plant.  Pretty salmon pink flowers, Frank Headley - Nearly dwarf, stellar pelargonium with red star-shaped flowers and a white centre Gemini - Large single flowers with a white background and pink markings Kimono Large plant with striking sliver foliage and a mint scent. Small pale mauve pink flowers, veined purple. Perfect spreading habit. Lady Plymouth - Compact plant with rough, deep-cut leaf, very strong lemon scent. Mauve flowers. Mabel Grey -