Arbres et Abeilles

Plant Nursery

Angel pelargonium. Flowers have very light pink power petals with darker pink marked upper petals Marie - Angel pelargonium. Flowers have pink-white lower petals with dark purple markings on upper petals Millenium - deep lavender with deep purple centre to petals Monkwood Delight - Good compact habit, these plants need very little pinching out. Flowers are pale pink. Morval - One of the darkest red single flowers on a bushy plant Morwenna - Balsam scent, dark mauve-green, oak-leaf shaped leaf with central dark blotch. Mauve flowers Oakleaf - Angel pelargonium. Flowers are pink with darker upper markings Roller's Echo - This looks like a Regal in the Victorian style, with flower of, red shading crimson, edged white Royal Ascot - Angel pelargonium. Flowers are purple-pink with light pink lower petals Ruby Orchid - Large upright pelargonium with flowers of various shades of pink Salmon Pink - Large plant with tight flowerbuds. Flowers are bright scarlet Scarlet Rambler - Angel pelargonium. Flowers are lavender, lower petals overlaid deep purple Spanish Angel - Large upright plant with flowers of scarlet with darker red markings Two-tone red - Small stellar pelargonium with a variegated green-brown leaf and salmon-pink flowers Vancouver Centennial -